Sat. 6/11 2:00 PM Meeting

Mission Meeting at church

Sat. 7/16
Sat. 7/23
All day VBS Trip to Saltillo
Wed. 10/5
Sun. 10/9
All day Medical Mission

We will be going down and giving medicine and free check ups.

Thu. 12/15
Sun. 12/18
All day Angel Boxes
Sun. 3/11
Sun. 3/18
All day Medical Mission 2012
Sat. 7/14
Sat. 7/21
All day July Mission Trip

We will be going down and doing

Vacation Bible School for what we expect

to be 1500 children.

Wed. 10/10
Sun. 10/14
All day Medical Mission 2012 Oct.

We will be going to a few rural zones

to provide much needed medicine

to its residents, as well as eye glasses

and hopefully dentistry

Sun. 10/6
Sun. 10/13
All day October Mission Trip

We will hold a medical clinic at the shelter and paintt he first nine bedrooms.

Sat. 3/8
Sat. 3/15
All day Medical 2014

Trip to give needed families basic medical care.

Sat. 7/12
Sat. 7/19
All day VBS 2014

Vacation Bible School we are looking forward to seeing 1000 kids this year.

Wed. 12/17
Sun. 12/21
All day Hope Bags

This year we are bringing Hope Bags to the people that need them in Saltillo.

Wed. 1/14
Sun. 1/18
All day PlayGround Build

Taking a team down to build the playground in the Hope Center.

Mon. 7/15 All day CLC Life Mission TRIP

A group of people will be coming to Saltillo Mexico to help with some work at the Center. We will be painting the inside of the Mechanic/Welding classroom, setting up the computer classroom, and building our agricultural beds.

Sat. 7/27 All day Back Pack Outreach A group of 40 are coming in from Colorado and Galeanna to help with the backpack outreach. The Colorado group will also be training several churches in the KIDZ at Heart program. The youth of these groups will be going to two villages to present the ... more
Fri. 8/16 10:00 AM Orientation for School

This will be the first orientation that the Center has had. We begin our school year on the 19th of August and we will be giving out information to the students on what they will learn during this semester and go over any questions.

Tue. 8/20 9:30 AM School Semester

We have two classes of the following Sewing, Cooking, and Cosmetology. One class of barber and electricity.

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