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Project Center of Hope



          The women’s’ abuse shelter has come a long way since our last post. We have built the wall, kitchen, dining room, pantry, women’s’ mission dorm, men's mission dorm, along with four bathroom for each are completed. We recently have finished 9 bedrooms for the woman with their children. We have built 10 more of the bedrooms with the walls and roof. We are currently working on the interior plastering, the windows and doors, and the sidewalk. We had our official opening on January 25th with 80 people in attendance. We have hired the Office Manager, Counselor, and our Principle. We are just waiting for the Secretary of Education to come and give us the go ahead for our elementary school. The school is our next big project with four classrooms on the bottom and four on top.

          Outside of the shelter we are helping a pastor build a church in the red light district. He has been reaching out to the children of the prostitutes. They are asking their children where you are learning about this Jesus Christ and now they are coming to get saved. He has three of the outer walls complete but a long ways to go.

          Secondly there is a place there in Saltillo that works with disable children. It is an awesome place for them to play, do activities, and have lunch. The director of this place wants to add a second story onto the facility to build a place for the elderly. When I talked to the government agency about the abused woman she asked me if we would take elderly people who are being abused by their children. I had to tell her “no not at this time”, and then the next day I talked to this director about her project and could see that God was sending us to find her the help she needs for this project.

          Finally we also do our yearly projects of medical clinics in March and October. We do Vacation Bible School in July and the Christmas Blessing Bags in December. If you are interested in helping with any of these project you can contact me, Wanita Rylander, at 254-865-3518 or my personal email is wrylander@earthlink.net