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    Recreando la Esperanza

    Disciples of the Rock Ministries


                Recreando la Esperanza is opening and busy with the work of its ministry. All 19 rooms are completed and some are inhabited. We are making plans for Christmas and the year 2015 mission trips. We want to begin reaching out to our community around the shelter to make an impact and to reveal the vision of Christ to the area. This will take time and commitment for many trips in the future.

                We plan on our first outreach during the Christmas mission trip. We will go out into the community and meet with people for two days, giving out tickets for free food and taking names and ages of the children. On Saturday the 20th the people that have the tickets will come to the shelter for some festive, games and snacks. Then the gifts will be given out at the end of the evening. Cost of this trip is $200.

    In January the mission trip will be 14-18 to build a playground for the children at the shelter. We hope to have raised between 3,000 and 10,000 us dollars to buy the materials and rent the welder to assemble the equipment. The cost of this trip is $200.

                In March during spring break we will again do a medical mission trip. Anyone above the age of 12 may go on these trips. We usually have several things that can be done during and along with the plans. Please contact me either via email or by phone 254-865-3518.

    Wanita Rylander, President

    Disciples of the Rock Ministries,NPC


    *For those of you who need financial help and want to enlist your friends and family to help you in the “FORMS” section of this website you will find a letter inviting family and friends to help you. When your sponsors send money then you would not have to pay as long as you meet the required amount for that trip. Everyone must have a passport book/card to travel to Mexico.

    Here are several money making suggestions:
    *Large Can or Jar with your picture and name on it and placing it at any business that will let you or perhaps your parents can place them at their work place.
    *Be sure to go weekly and collect the donations.
    *You can make a Donation Can or Jar and go door to door in your neighborhood or to business in your town and ask for donations.
    *You and your family can have a garage sale and ask family and friends to donate items for the Garage sale.


    If you have any questions please call Wanita Rylander at 254-865-3518.
    Wanita Rylander
    President:DOTR Ministries

     Prices are subject to change at any time in the case of increased expenses.

    (example but not limited to price of fuel, hotel room, price of meals, ect.) 

    God Bless You